Best Ways on How to Get Rid of House Spiders

A lot of homeowners want to learn about how to get rid of house spiders, simply because they don’t like the creatures – and they don’t like the cobwebs either. Not many homeowners are willing to share their homes with their arachnid friends, so they are trying to find ways on how to get rid of home spiders. You don’t necessarily have to kill them. Most of them are harmless, well… except for the messy webs that they create here and there.


Our Eight Legged Buddy

There are so many reasons why spiders would like to take shelters in our house. When the weather changes, especially when it gets colder and it is the start of the rainy season (or even snow), spiders would migrate from the garden to the house. But the change of weather and temperature isn’t the only reason why they would move from the outdoor to the indoor setting. It is also possible that they are searching for a mate, so they can breed and continue their long line of genes.

House Spiders

House Spiders


Often, the egg sacs (of the spiders) are carried in the building materials or furniture. From there, they may continuously live under the same roof like yours. They may even mate and breed, continuing their circle of life without you even knowing it.

What about having spiders in the car? Yes, it is possible. If they migrate, they would find the first dry and warm environment – the car should do it. If you happen to like leaving half the window open or your car may not be in the best condition (it has cracks or holes) in it, the spiders can sneak into the area. Don’t be too surprised by the existence of spiders in the car.


Habits, Diet, and Existence

Having spiders isn’t all bad. Their diet consists of other insects. Yes, they eat mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, moths, earwigs, and other insects that you can find at home. When they trap their prey, they produce sticky webs, which, unfortunately, create a mess inside the house. But having spiders mean that you won’t have to worry about insect infestation –the spiders will eat them all!

Spiders only bite when they are threatened. They don’t consume human blood, unlike mosquitos or bed bugs. So, if you are far from them and you do nothing to scare them, then you have nothing to worry about. But still, not all people are ecstatic about having them – and the webs all over the place. That’s why they are always looking for a way to learn how to get rid of house spiders.

Here is the common mistake that most homeowners believe: spiders can come from the plug hole. Well, in case you find a spider in the shower or the bathtub, you probably think that it comes crawling up from the plug hole. And then you are thinking about putting the plug on the drain, blocking it all the time. Well, it’s not completely necessary. The plumbing system isn’t exactly easy to pass through. If you find a spider in your bath area, it is most likely by coincidence – not because it gets out from the plug hole.  Read Also: Camel Spider Facts


10 The Best Methods to getting Rid of House Spiders

How to Get Rid of House Spiders

How to Get Rid of House Spiders


There are several ways to remove them. Using the Spider Catcher is one method in learning how to get rid of spiders in the house. The spider catcher comes in a vacuum-like construction and mechanism that won’t hurt the little guy. The device comes in a portable and handheld vacuum device that is operated by battery. When you turn it on, it will pick the spider up. Then, you can take it outside and set it free. Not only you won’t have to hurt the spiders, but you can also remove several spiders at once with the device.


1. Essential Oil

Spiders dislike the strong smell, and it happens that essential oils have a quite strong smell. That’s why they are often considered one of the most efficient methods to repel the spiders. You can use peppermint oil which is very popular to deal with the spiders. Mix water with 20 drops of the oil, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can use it to spray the areas filled with webs or the areas around your house.

If you want to use a diffuser, it would be even better. It will make sure even distribution, making your house unpleasant and uncomfortable for the spiders and forcing them to leave. Any type of diffuser will do – just make sure that you choose a high-quality one. Peppermint oil isn’t the only essential oils to use. To repel spiders, you can use cinnamon, rose, lavender, and tea tree. It’s a good idea to change the oil to make sure that this method will stay effective for a long time. Alternate the oil to achieve the most satisfying result.


2. Regular Cleaning

Just like other insects, spiders like hidden spaces to hide. If your house is messy with tons of piles and clutters, then don’t be too surprised if they will hide underneath such a thing. Piles of leaves, logs, or others on the garden will also be the most ideal place for them.

One way to prevent them from nesting in your garden or inside your house is to do cleaning, cleansing, and tidying up regularly. Make sure to vacuum and dust and sweep regularly, especially for removing the webs. If you have to choose storage containers, go with plastic types instead of the cardboard boxes. Spiders can easily crawl into the cardboard, but not with the plastic one.


3. Vinegar

One way of learning how to get rid of house spiders without killing them is to use the vinegar. Spiders don’t like its smell. Mix half water and white vinegar, and then put it into the spray bottle. You can spray the areas around the house, including crevices, cracks, holes, and corners. But one downside of the vinegar is that it is quite harsh for varnished surfaces. You need to be careful when spraying the mixture.


4. Protect the Exterior Part of the House

Just like cleaning up the interior part of the house, you need to do the same to the outdoor setting. Moreover, you should also protect some of the areas that would be potential hiding spots for them. Make sure that your exterior walls aren’t attached or close to vegetation, woodpiles, grass clippings, compost, or leaves. Also inspect the window sills, door opening, and any possible cracks or holes. You can seal any opening with caulk. If you have a better and stronger substance (like white cement), then you can use it. In case you find any damaged window screens, fix them. It would also be a good idea to cover chimneys and vents with double layer fine mesh. One layer is fine, but the double layer will make sure of the strength and the difficulty in penetration.


5. Turn the (Outside) Lights off

The most effective way to get rid of the spiders is to cut them off from their food source. And how can the action of turning off the lights affect the spiders’ existence? Well, lights would attract insects. Spiders eat insects. So, when you turn off the lights, you are preventing insects from coming to the house. What about the lights inside? Won’t they shine through and be visible from the outside? Well, you can always install opaque shades and blinds that will block the shine from the indoor shine through. In case you still need to keep on the lights, it’s better to have the yellow sodium vapor type because it won’t attract insects. No food, no spiders!


6. Plant Eucalyptus Tree

How to get rid of house spiders? Have the eucalyptus tree around the house (in the garden). Eucalyptus has a wonderful smell and it isn’t difficult to maintain. But for spiders, the smell is annoying. If you have eucalyptus, spiders would hate coming to your property. What if you don’t have enough room for the tree? You can always go for lavender or mint plant. Plant them near windows or underneath windows. You can also have them in vases. Spiders won’t stand being inside your house.


7. Citrus

All kinds of citrus scent are highly disliked by spiders. You can easily rub the peel along the bookshelves, window sills, and skirting boards. You can also use the lemon-scented furniture polish and cleaners to drive those arachnids away. if you want to, you can also use citronella candles – on both the interior and exterior premises. After all, these items are great to deliver a fresh and pleasant smell. But not so much for the spiders.


8. Chestnuts

There is an old belief that chestnuts can get rid of the spiders. There hasn’t been any scientific proof of such claim, but it doesn’t hurt to have it around the house. After all, having them around the corners of the window sills won’t create any negative effect. But if you have pets, make sure to consult your veterinarian first. Chestnuts can be dangerous for pets as they are toxic.


9. Garlic and Cedar

It turns out that garlic can ward off both vampires and spiders. But rest assured that you can cope with the smell. You can crush the cloves and mix them with water. Put it into a spray bottle and use it on skirting boards, floors, and corners. If you suspect there is an entry underneath the door or window, you can regularly spray the mix there.

Spiders dislike cedar too. But unlike garlic, you can’t just literally mix it with water and use it with a spray bottle. But no need to worry, there are a lot of products with cedar scent that you can use to ward off the eight-legged creatures. You can put these products on corners, in the drawers, and the wardrobe. Not only you repel spiders, but you will also repel the annoying clothes moths.  Read Also: Cellar Spider VS Black Widow Difference


10. Herbal Insecticide

If you are looking for a less harmful pesticide that can kill insects and bugs, then the herbal types would suit your needs. When you are using it, you will also prevent those insects from coming to your house. Feel free to use the non-herbal one, but the non-herbal type is more dangerous – and it poses more risks to your health.

Those are some options to be free from your arachnid friends. Simply choose one among these ways on how to get rid of house spiders – hopefully, it works well.

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